ROOT Recruitment is passionate about bringing Dutch employers and technical personnel from Eastern Europe together in an innovative and accessible way. Our goal is to solve the shortage of personnel with technical backgrounds in the Netherlands while positively contributing to the prevention of wrongs against workers from Eastern Europe. By using the interactive matching system on our website, you can quickly and easily select potential technical personnel.

Preventing wrongs
When you choose ROOT Recruitment, you make the decision to exclusively use a recruitment bureau that is committed to preventing the exploitation and housing abuses of workers from Eastern Europe. We do this by working in conjunction with a payroll company that ensures that your foreign employees work according to the applicable Dutch collective agreement. Additionally, in consultation with employers, we take care of any necessary practical matters, including social security number, housing, childcare and more.

Reliable technical personnel from Eastern Europe
ROOT Recruitment has an extensive network of shipyards and recruiters of technical personnel across Eastern Europe. All employees are extensively screened regarding their diplomas, work experience and work attitude. Through our detailed screening process, we are able to guarantee the quality of our candidates and assure you of their reliability. In order to develop relationships with our employees and solve problems in a timely fashion, we regularly stop by workplaces for a cup of coffee. After all, these are our employees too!

Why ROOT? Here’s why!
We are strong advocates of the free movement of workers within Europe. We bring foreign talent to the Netherlands in order to solve bottlenecks in the Dutch labour market, such as the shortage of people with technical backgrounds. By choosing ROOT Recruitment, you choose for a reliable partner in technical personnel and contribute to the prevention of wrongs and abuses against the employees from Eastern Europe.